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How to use the main application

The main application is used to manage all the users in your Active Directory structure. All the basic operations are supoorted, i.e. create, delete, move, drag 'n' drop, reset password, enable/disable, etc.

The main application is also used to create and manage: templates, database (MIS) connections, and Active Directory server connections. So, before using any of the software and tools you must first create a connection to an Active Directory server.

Templates are used throughout the entire product, so if you are planning to import, extract from MIS, use AutoImport, or use the Server, then you will need to create at least one template.


With this feature you can create a template for each type of user you have on your network, i.e. receptionist, office clerk, teacher, Year 9 student, head of department, etc. Thereby, reducing the amount of time spent creating and testing new accounts.

A template consists of the standard user properties, as well as password settings/generation, home directory location and permissions, home directory network share and permissions, etc. When creating users using a template and the home directory and share options are selected, the program will create the home directory, set the permissions on it, and then create a share with the specified permissions, and link this to the user (optional). Thereby, drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to create a user, and also reducing the potential errors incurred due to the amount of steps involved with creating the user and associated services manually.

Managing Multiple Active Directory Servers

It is possible to create an unlimited amount of connections to server. Please see Creating a new server connection for how to do this.

It is only possible to manage each server individually, one at a time. To connect to a server simply select the desired server from 'File'->'Connect to' menu. To automatically connect to a server on startup simply add "/connectto:<servername>" to the command line. <servername> MUST exist and be the same as one of the 'Connections'.

Connecting to your MIS

Connecting to your MIS is only required if you are needing to extract students and staff either manually (using the main application), using AutoImport, or using the Client.

To create a new MIS connection please look at Creating a new database connection.