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Whenever automation is involved with importing multiple users you can specify "actions" to occur when certain "events" occur.

An "action" can be anything that can be executed. This could be a batch file, a script (with the interpreter), exe, etc. You can create your scripts to literally do anything you wish, e.g. email you when new accounts are created or create a mailbox for a new account.

When creating "actions" you can specify tags as part of the command line so that you can pass information regarding the current account to the executed script/batch/exe/etc.

When creating an action simply give the action a name which you can identify this action. Then enter the command line for this action.

When performing an import into Active Directory (either by Import From File or the Extraction wizard) you will have the option] at the end to specify which actions should be used for which events. Simply click on the drop down corresponding to the event and select the desired action.

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