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Multiple Site Configuration

This multi-site configuration will only work under the follwing conditions:

  • Users move between sites frequently and require their data to move with them.
  • Each site has it's own OU.
  • If moving user's data then each site/server must have access to the other sites' servers.
  • User data (home directories) must all reside in a root directory on each server.
  • When students and staff move between sites the "old" site MUST remove the user from any groups which are associated with that site. This can be enabled in Options.

Follow these steps to configure ActivMan for multi-site operation:

  1. In Options:
    • Select 'Single domain across mutiple sites' in the 'General' tab.
    • In 'Importing':
      • Disable 'Delete left users' as we do not want to delete users that have left.
      • Enable 'Disable left users'. When a user "moves" the account will be renabled.
      • Enable removing users from the groups they are members of when they have been detected as "left".
      • Disable 'Move left users' as we do not want to move users that have left, as the destination site will move them.
  2. Create or open a 'Server' for editing
  3. Follow the steps outlined in 'Create a new network connection' for setting the OU for "this" site and the OU's for the other sites.

You can now either run an import, extraction, or auto-import. But using any of those methods you will have the following options to choose:

Move accounts to this site
Select this option to move accounts which are found in another site's OU to "this" site's OU. The accounts will be re-enabled if they have been disabled.

Move data to this site
Select this option to move users' data which is on another site's server to "this" site's server. The template currently selected will be used to specify the destination location and share options