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AutoImport Usage

Before running the program you MUST have configured it using the "/config" argument.

The principle of the AutoImport program is to extract the data from yoru MIS, create any new users, and disable/delete/move any old users. To achieve this the program must be informed about how to access the MIS server and also which years to extract and where to create them using which template. If no years are specified to be extracted, no MIS server specified, or no years listed with associated templates, then nothing will happen.

In most cases you will want this program to run as a scheduled task so that it is periodically looking for "changes" to perform. Therefore, if a new user has started, and the scheduled task has been invoked, then they will be created as soon as they have been created in your MIS.

To execute the software as a scheduled task please see the main AutoImport page.

Each year extracted MUST be listed in the Years list (in config mode). If not, the year will be ignored. On successful associating a year with a template and an AD server appropriate action will be taken the to all the users in that year, i.e. create new users or delete/disable/move old users..


The configuration below is the main one where the AutoImport program can reside on any server as long as the MIS and AD servers are accessible.