About ActivMan

ActivMan takes all the good features of Microsoft's Active Directory Users MMC snapin, and adds some extremely useful features, i.e. mass manipulation, templates, importing of users, and extracting using directly from your MIS (e.g. SIMS), whilst also improving the efficiency of managing users.

Extract students and staff DIRECTLY from your MIS
Synchronise Active Directory to your MIS
Fast and reliable!
Automatically disable students and staff who have left
Create home folders and shares automatically with permissions!
Apply templates to existing users
Execute actions (custom scripts) when certain events occur
Supports users moving between sites


Why choose ActivMan?

ActivMan is an out-of-the-box Active Directory user manager designed to be easy-to-use and to drastically improve the process of creating new user accounts, home directories, and shares of new students and staff, whilst also disabling/moving/deleting (optionally) students and staff who have left. It has all the essential features an organisation requires in order to drastically improve the process of managing user accounts. In essence, ActivMan will synchronise your Active Directory network to your MIS. With new features and customer requests being developed all the time, ActivMan is the perfect choice as your user manager solution.

Supported MISs
Serco CMIS

If you would like to use ActivMan with your MIS, and it is not listed above, then please get in touch at sales@anbsoftware.co.uk.