Being able to extract new new user/ leavers information from SIMS and automatically populate Active directory with account information has totally transformed what was once a 'nightmare task'. The ability to do a test run and compare the results against SIMS data, allows us to identify problems before they are transferred to Active Directory.

For any school running SIMS which spends more than a few hours a year creating users in Active Directory, ActivMan is a "must have" tool for the ICT department and more than pays for itself within the first year.

After sales support is excellent with a quick turn-around on e-mails asking for assistance. Suggestions on how to improve the product are warmly welcomed and in many cases implemented.

ICT Services Manager, Ealing

Thanks to the folks at ANB Software who have developed a tool to automate the creation of Active Directory users directly from SIMS data, the time taken to setup each server has drastically reduced.

Primary Technology - supporting schools in Bradford

Essentially ActivMan pulls through information from SIMS to create user accounts for pupils and staff, a process that takes minutes using this software as opposed to spending days doing it manually. For the price of this software it is an absolute bargain in my opinion, I have discussed this with xxxxxx and she thinks it is a good idea too as it frees up so much time.

Technical Support Engineer, Bradford

Reported two problems with ActivMan accessing our SIMS MIS system. Both resolved within hours of being reported. Really outstanding service.

ICT Services Manager, Ealing

With staff coming and going all the time it is a pain having to setup new accounts for each different job role. Some need access to specific areas and some just need general access. Using the templates feature of ActivMan makes my life so much easier. All I need to do is select a template then enter their name and password. Done!

IT Administrator, Sheffield