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ActivMan Classic

Prior to v4.0, there was only a single edition, which is now the equivalent of ActivMan Education. When ActivMan Education is released it will replace the classic version. The classic version will still be available until the Education edition is available.

Edition Comparison
ActivMan Free
  • Manage multiple servers/networks/domains
  • Create/edit/delete user accounts manually
  • Create/edit/delete groups manually
  • Add/remove users from groups
  • Move users
  • Reset passwords
  • Enable/disable accounts
ActivMan Pro
  • ActivMan Free features
  • Perform test imports to see what will be modified or created
  • Customise generated usernames to meet your specific format/requirement
  • Create unlimited (multiple) user account templates
  • Create user accounts from templates (reduces errors and data entry)
  • Create users' home directory and network share automatically (using templates)
  • Set permissions on users' home directory and network share automatically (using templates)
  • Set/generate users' password automatically (using templates)
  • Use a predefined list of words to use as passwords, randomly selected
  • Copy user accounts
  • Import users from CSV file (using templates)
  • Apply templates to existing users
  • Mass manipulation. Modify multiple accounts quickly and easily:
    • Modify username
    • Reset users' password
    • Modify users' description
    • Modify users' profile path
    • Modify users' logon script
  • Execute actions/scripts when certain events occur
  • Specify certain characters to be replaced in any name fields during import
ActivMan Education
  • ActivMan Pro features
  • Auto import accounts from MIS systems
  • Synchronise Active Directory system to MIS
  • Extract users (students and staff) directly from your MIS
  • Extract/import teaching groups as AD groups
  • Extract/import registration groups as AD groups
  • Automatically create and maintain year groups
  • Automatically create and maintain "teachers of student" groups, i.e. each student has a corresponding group which contains all the staff who teach that student
  • Automatically create and maintain "room staff" groups, i.e. each room has a group which contain all the staff who teach in that room
  • Support a single domain across multiple sites moving user accounts and their data
  • Specify MIS people to ignore during import