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New Features

The new features of v4.0 are:

  • 3 different editions now exist:
    • Free
    • Pro
    • Education
  • Improved mechanism to support more MISs
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

The new features of v3.3 are:

  • Create SDLs (Student Distribution Lists) which are groups containing teachers of a particular student
  • Each group type can now have separate email address formats
  • Can now customise the character which replaces illegal characters in email addresses
  • Config files, templates, logs, etc, have now been moved to the common application data location (e.g. C:\ProgramData)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

The new features of v3.2 are:

  • More password options:
    • Generate completely random alphanumeric passwords
    • Random selection of predefined words
    • Specify your own predefined words or use the default ones
    • Optionally specify whether the password must include uppercase characters
    • Optionally append a random number at the end
  • Due to the new random passwords generation, a list of users and passwords is now saved in a subfolder named 'PasswordLists' as a CSV file
  • When using the Extraction Wizard a new window will appear at the end listing the new accounts and their passwords
  • Password list in AutoImport can be optionally emailed to someone
  • Password list can be emailed as either an Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet, CSV file, or embedded table
  • Added option to specify format of new teaching group names
  • Added option to specify format of new registration group names
  • Forenames, Surnames, and initials are now pre-parsed to replace accented characters with standard characters
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

The new features of v3.1 are:

  • Updated licensing so the application does not stop working when license expires
  • Added a welcome wizard to set essential settings on first run
  • Replaced extraction wizard with new wizard library
  • Replaced import wizard with new wizard library
  • Templates now saved automatically to correct location rather than allowing the user to specify a location
  • Updated help file to include 'Apply Template' and 'Get Missing IDs'
  • Improved 'Check for update' to display changes
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

The new features of v3.0 are:

  • You can now specify actions to be executed when certain events occur
  • You can now edit user ID's, which is used to link against your MIS
  • A virtual date can now be specified in order to create accounts and groups before they actually take effect. NOTE: You must disable AutoImport until after this date as this would put everything back.
  • Teaching groups can now be created as either security groups, distribution groups, or both
  • Logs are now automatically saved to disk
  • Added option to allow user to specify what to import, i.e. users & groups, users, or groups.
  • Support for multiple MISs
  • Added support for Terminal Services
  • Added more user and group options
  • Added custom attributes to user templates
  • Added creating and managing year groups
  • Added support a single domain across multiple sites which will move users' home directories between sites
  • Lots of behind-the-scenes changes
  • Various bugs resolved

The new features of v2.3 are:

  • Apply a template to an existing user
  • Update existing users with ID from MIS for use in later sync'ing
  • Specify admissions status to import
  • Various bugs resolved

The new features of v2.2 are:

  • Extract teaching sets
  • Create AD groups for each teaching set
  • Automatically add students and staff to teaching sets/groups - useful for SLG
  • Synchronise existing students and staff to current teaching sets/groups
  • Student's UPN or staff ID now stored in AD user account - improve account matching
  • AutoImport reports to Windows Event Log
  • Copy Template feature added
  • UDF's (User Defined Fields) now extracted from MIS. Use Tags to access data.
  • Perform a test import using Import Wizard, Extraction Wizard, and AutoImport.
  • View full event log from any import.
  • Extract 'chosen name' of students and staff

The new features of v2.1 are:

  • Customisation of display name now allowed
  • More customisation options for username format
  • More data extracted from MIS:
    • DOA (Date of Arrival)
    • Gender
    • Admissions Number
    • UPN (Unique Pupil Number)
    • Staff ID
    • Staff Initials
  • More tags available to customise fields
  • Find Database options added to New Database Connection and AutoImport
  • Test Database connection feature added to New Database Connection and AutoImport
  • Added more year groups available to extract
  • Option to auto-connect to a server on load

The new features of v2.0 are:

  • AutoImport feature to automatically synchronise your MIS to Active Directory
  • Import staff
  • Improved importing process
  • Improved extracting from MIS process
  • Active Directory Recycle Bin
  • Tags can now be used in various properties of a template, i.e. "[USERNAME]"
  • Tools menu to access any installed tools
  • Client/Server tools to transfer data from MIS on one network to Active Directory on a separate network (via the Internet)
  • Server Manager tool to configure ActivMan Server