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ActivMan Components

The following components form the full ActivMan product.

ActivMan - Main Application

The main application is the focul point of the whole product. It is the actual Active Directory user manager application that includes some extremely useful features, including importing from CSV or ActivMan DAT file, extracting directly from your MIS (e.g. SIMS.NET), mass manipulation of user accounts, and user templates for creating new users quickly and error free.

The main application is required for AutoImport, Client, Server, and Server Manager. The reason for this is that each of the applications needs to be aware of all the templates, database connections, and Active Directory server connections which the main application manages. Therefore, the main application needs to be installed to the same location as these other applications. Failure to do so will result in these applications not being able to read and use these vital settings.


The AutoImport application is used to automatically extract students and staff from the specified MIS server (e.g. SIMS.NET) and import them, using the templates specified, into Active Directory. If specified, their home directories and network shares will also be created.

This aplication can be scheduled however often you wish so that new students and staff are created as soon as they appear in your MIS. An added features also deletes/disables/moves any students or staff that your MIS has flagged as left. This feature is optional and can be configured accordingly.

This application MUST be installed into the same location as the main application so that it can read and use the templates, database connections, and Active Directory server connections.

Before using this application you must first have created at least one template, one database connection, and one Active Directory server connection. Then you can specify these in the application.